A New Series

Insights into Historic Band Music in the Chatfield Brass Band Library

By Paul Maybery

It is with pleasure that I begin a series of articles highlighting some of the special music in the Chatfield Brass Band Library’s historical collections; that being what is referred to as music from the “Golden Age of Bands.” (1870s through 1930s) To the present day band musician, music from this era can be somewhat difficult to understand in its own context and is usually passed over for a number of practical reasons. I am hoping that with some insight, much these wonderful creations, which form the legacy of the modern band, will all seem more approachable, receive more attention and ultimately be programmed more frequently.

An ongoing series of articles on various types of historic music will be presented and posted on the Chatfield Brass Band Library’s Website. The first deals with an introduction to band instrumentation and its issues as it evolved from the early 19th century. The ensuing articles will lead off with a look at “The Intermezzo,” a popular category from the early 20th century.

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