March size books contain more than marches.

Teresa Cerling, Library manager

We have finished entering the trombone smears with 73 entries. We are now entering the march size books. There have been 153 entered so far. Books in this category contain marches as well as pep band arrangements, college songs, and excerts from opera and classics. There are quite a few traditional dance tunes such as foxtrots, waltzes and polkas in the march size books also. Some recently entered pieces are “Famous Fillmore Marches” published by Carl Fischer in 1959. This book contains 15 of Fillmore’s finest marches. “The Fashion” published by C.L. Barnhouse is a collection of marches for military band arranged by W. H. Kieffer was also recently entered.
For definition of trombone smear and article on Henry Fillmore go to:

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