Serenades and Intermezzos

Teresa Cerling, Library Manager

We are currently entering the Serenade and Intermezzo category. We have entered 316 so far with one drawer of these left. An example of a Serenade is “American Serenade” by Louis Alter and scored for band by Graham T. Overgard. It was published by Robbins Music Corporation and copyrighted in 1942 and 1945. An example our Intermezzos is “In A Monastery Garden” by A.W. Ketelby arranged for Military band by Lieut. J. Ord Hume, L.F. It was published by Boosey & Hawkes Ltd. and copyrighted in 1920.
In other news, the music library recently received a grant from the Chatfield Boosters Club to replace 2 computers and printer and to purchase shelving so we can finally get all of our boxes off the floor. Thank you Chatfield Boosters! We are working on our spring newsletter and expect to get it out next month.

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