Solos & Ensembles, Patrols, Quicksteps & Stage Band

Teresa Cerling, Library manager

We have finished entering the Solos & ensembles category with 1078 entries. We have solos and ensemble pieces for accordion, baritone, bassoon, banjo, clarinet, cornet, drum, flute, woodwinds, F horn, guitar, harmonica, marimba, oboe, organ, piccolo, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, violin, viola and cello. Many of these have piano accompaniment.
We have entered 94 Quicksteps and 22 Patrols. An example of a quickstep is “Are You From Dixie?” by Geo. L. Cobb and Jack Yeller arranged by Hugh Conrad. This was published by Witmark & Sons and copyrighted in 1915 and 1959. An example of a patrol is “There’s Something About A Soldier” by Noel Gray arranged by Paul Yoder. This was published by Mills Music in 1939.
We have also finished entering the Stage Band category with 397 entries.

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